Friday, July 8, 2011


I finally saw Bridesmaids, and I didn't see it so much as a raunchy comedy, but a tearjerker for women confronted with their own sense of unworthiness.  (Forgive me: two glasses of wine, and any word longer than 3 syllables is hard for me to recall.)  As Kristin Wiig attempts to make us laugh, the truth is, she does a fine job portraying a woman who failed at business, relationships, well - life in general, and the wallowing in self-loathing has prevented her from attempting anything in life.  It's not a comedy - it's a commentary on contemporary women and the fallacy that women can do everything, instead of anything.

So, yeah, I cried early and often during Bridesmaids.

Oh, and Chris O'Dowd not only is frickin' adorable, but comes from my ancestral homeland: County Roscommon, Ireland.  I'm putting him on my list, if only for that smile and the accent.

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