Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Papers: Bob is the Man

Sunday Morning Papers Talk Shows

A couple observations after watching Face the Nation:

1) When it comes to tax policy, Michele Bachmann can actually make some good points.  Of course, it comes from a place that will completely destroy the American way of life, letting the rich off the hook as the poor slip further and further behind, but hey - I've read many stories about the Haymarket Riots, so it may be interesting to see some actual class warfare erupting in the streets.

2) Bob Schieffer is the man when it comes to interviews.  Few people have the balls to call people out when they contradict themselves in interviews, and the kindly grandfather next door is the guy who puts the smack down.

3). Jon Huntsman must be wondering how the hell he's losing to this bunch of idiots he's running against.

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