Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well, we're fat.  The New York Post reported Monday that the average American weighs 20 pounds more today than they did in 1990, which makes sense because we've all gotten married... let ourselves go a bit... maybe lost that free time to go to the gym... oh, not individuals, just people in general.  Ok.

I did find out that my "Fat Weight" is the average weight for an American woman.  Makes me feel a bit better.

However, while we're fatter, we're also okay with it.  I'm not okay with this part.  Some of the issue is that we know a lot more about obesity now.  We're also more aware that different bodies have different ideal weights, and instead of a firm number calculated on 100 plus five pound for every inch over 5 feet tall to determine ideal weight, we have ranges.  However, outside of that range, we're more accepting.  That's where I have issues.  We shouldn't be okay with that.  Unless we are training for the Olympics or the Super Bowl, it probably means that the diet or exercise routine we're in is not working for us, and we should address that.  Being okay with being overweight is problematic - we don't have that trigger that says we should hit the gym again and have a salad.

That said, Monday was when I started my diet to shed the excess Fall / Thanksgiving weight, and I'm starving.  I'm a little pissed that the entire 2/3rds of Americans who are overweight are not as hungry as I am right now.

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