Monday, January 30, 2012

Marriage: Midwest vs. L.A.

No, this is not a post on gay marriage.  I'm for it, but this is different.

If you were looking for something that is destroying marriage in America, it's Kim Kardashian.  While this is months after the news broke, without the Bears in the playoffs, Sunday afternoon TV seems to be limited to basic cable reality shows.  Kourtney & Kim in New York seems to be playing all afternoon.  From the first episode, I knew this was not going to work out.

Genesis 2:24 is a pretty popular selection for weddings: "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh."  A better reason for a married couple to move out on their own than "God said so" cannot be found.  Flash forward to the first episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, and Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kourtney's Baby Daddy, and Kourtney's Kid are all living in the same hotel suite.  Bad idea.  Kim runs every idea past her family before her husband.  Yeah.

I'm watching the episode where Kim mentions that she would never want to live in Minnesota.  Breathe a deep sigh of relief, St. Paul.  When Kris mentioned that by the time their kids were going to school, no one would care about Kim and her career, he was hitting the nail on the head.  Mr. Humphries could probably look forward to another 10 years of professional basketball.  A 45-year-old Kim Kardashian sex object with kids?  What career are we talking about?  What is it that Kim does exactly?  It looks like she just has camera people following her around, shows up at places in exchange for an appearance fee, and ... well ... something?

Her career appears to be to walk around being seen with stuff.  This is why Minnesota would be perfect for her:

1) Little competition.  Besides Prince, who else is she going to be competing for attention with?  Garrison Keillor?
2) Her talent appears to be to wear stuff.  Think of all the opportunities to wear stuff during a long Midwestern winter!  Adorable knit accessories!  Colorful wool peacoats!  Boots that are actually needed!  Could spokeswoman for North Face or Columbia be in the works?
3) Easy access to both New York and Los Angeles.  This may be a surprise, but there is an airport in the Twin Cities that offers direct flights to both coasts and locations overseas.  I know people on the coasts don't believe this, but Midwesterners are free to come and go as we please.

There was a great moment in last night's series finale, when Kourtney asks Kim about whether or not her marriage might work in a normal environment without the Inlaws and entourage.  For normal people, it might.  Kim is not a normal person.  I don't think she could be without a croud.  (Kudos to Kourtney - it looks like she actually has a job and a grasp on reality.)

Kris Humphries may have dodged a bullet.  Congrats, sir.  Learn a life lesson, and find a good Midwestern girl.  We're kind of awesome.  (Not me, I'm taken, and I like smart men with backbones.)

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