Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving on...

When I went to vote in the Indiana primary last week, I was saddened to think that the last time I would vote in the State of Indiana, I would be listed as a Republican.  However, I just couldn't think about Richard Mourdock being seated in the US Senate.  Therefore, crossed party lines, and voted for Lugar.  That's how much I love my country.

I'm leaving the state this summer.  Since the Right-To-Work bill passed, my weak union looks to be even weaker going forward.  Benefit costs have creeped up while pay has stagnated, decreased when looking at real dollars.  Each year that I stay, I make less money.  We finally hit the point last year where expenses were hitting our income.  Time to move on.

Sadly, I found a new opportunity, but not in the Midwest.  I'm off to Ithaca, New York.  We're taking our 5 college degrees with us.  I could make the argument that we're self-selecting.  Over-educated privilidged white kids move to liberal state, leaving Indiana behind to be governed by "Real Americans" who don't need no fancy book learning.  It's an easier equation... education gives us the ability to be mobile, and we're heading off to new opportunities.  Increasingly, they just are not available in the Hoosier State. 

This blog may get more of the tone of a Cubs fan dealing with Yankees fans, but I'll always remain a Midwestern Girl.  Meanwhile, we'll probably look to return to the region in a couple years.  Just not to Indiana.

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