Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leftover Turkey Idea No. 6: Turkey Shepherd Pie

Uses: Leftover frozen/canned seed veggies (corn or peas or the like), that one crust from the package of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts that you didn't need for the pumpkin pie but it came in a two pack so you need something to do with it, leftover gravy, leftover mashed potatoes.

Need: Deep Dish Pie Plate

Roll out pie crust into pie plate.  Prick with a fork, or blind bake according to package instructions.

In a pan, combine leftover turkey (great for the little turkey fragments), and leftover vegetables - think peas, corn, carrots, or onions - something that has lost it's shape and just shouldn't be reheated as-is.  Mix with about a quarter cup of leftover gravy.  Add filling to pie crust.  Top with leftover mashed potatoes - heat until hot.  If you'd like, brush the mashed potatoes with a beaten egg or some melted butter to make it look pretty, brown up, and form a slight crust.

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