Monday, February 21, 2011

Time is not on my side. No it ain't. No.

If you ever want to have all your free time sucked away in one fell swoop, have your husband be awarded a research grant which will take him away to a foreign country for an extended period of time while you decide to go back to school and take on part-time school while studying for the GRE and still working full-time and also being volunteered for two separate committees for some great causes that you just. can't. say. no. to.  Plus, gym, shopping, cooking, cleaning... baking granola...

So, no, I haven't given this up, I just needed to get into a groove. Hopefully I'll get on this shortly, as I do have my own opinions on the Wisconsin General Work Stoppage, Illinois' Gov. Quinn's tax policy, and the entire legislative agenda for the State of Indiana.  Plus, there's the question about whether or not the Federal Government already wrote the check for Hubby's research, or if it is part of the Draconian cuts proposed by the House of Representatives.

At least boredom is not an option.

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