Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Hits, Wisconsin workers

Just a quick mention:

I love it when I get something right!  Currently, there is a entry bouncing around the Series of Tubes on Wisconsin workers and their pensions which discusses pensions as a deferred wage as part of their compensation package.  Probably a more intelligent analysis of what I was thinking, and using those pesky facts that really screw with your narrative.

Also, over the weekend, there was an AP article circulating around the papers on a Human Rights Watch report decrying the lack of paid maternity leave in the United States.  Personally, no matter what you think about the lazy parents who can't afford to quit their jobs and care for their children (jeez... why do people keep having children if they don't have 5 years worth of expenses saved up?), that child is still a citizen of the United States, and we have a duty to make sure that a basic standard of living is afforded to every American.  After all, this isn't Arizona.

Now that I know that there are multiple levels of Women's Rights Directors engaged in Standard of Living research at HRW, this is the #3 most awesome job I know of, behind Anything @ the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Director/Curator of the Warren G. Harding House in Marion, Ohio.

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