Monday, March 28, 2011

Are you sure you want to do that?

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ran a piece comparing Governor Walker in Wisconsin to Governor Daniels in Indiana.

My question is, why would one want to model one of the few functional Rust Belt states after one of the more dysfunctional ones?
On SAT scores, Wisconsin ranks #2.  Indiana ranks #41.
On High School Graduation Rates, Wisconsin ranks #2, Indiana ranks #32
On Percent of adults with a College Degree, Wisconsin ranks #28 (not good), Indiana ranks #41 (really bad)

On Infant Mortality rates, Wisconsin ranks #27, while Indiana is #10 (tied with Oklahoma)
On the Percentage of Adults with Diabetes, Wisconsin ranks #46, Indiana ranks #20.

On the percent of people living under the poverty line, Wisconsin had 10.4% of it's population living in poverty, for Indiana it is 13.1%.
On Median Household income, Wisconsin ranks #21, Indiana ranks #32.

If you are going to model your administration on another state, perhaps it is worthwhile to determine whether the state is worthy of emulation.

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