Monday, March 28, 2011

This is why I'm bad about updating

It's because of articles like this one that I'm paranoid about where I update this blog.  A University of Wisconsin professor is being targeted because he wrote a blog post critical of the governor, and an investigation has been launched to determine whether he misappropriated state resources (i.e. his Wisconsin email address) for political reasons.

I'm very glad that my employer (who shall always remain nameless) has a policy in place that specifically reminds employees that they are free to engage in the political process as private citizens, so long as they make it clear that they are espousing the opinions of a private citizen, not the organization.  We're also asked not to use organization resources for these endeavors.  So, I can have an opinion - I just can't use my work computer to share them.  Writing letters to my congressman, lobbying for environmental reforms, updating this blog - all have to be done from the home computer, using the internet access I pay for myself.  (Then again... I'm not even sure if I'm comfortable using the computers in the library (County-owned resources!) to do the same.)  Too many things I want to do, but not enough time between work and bed to actually do them.

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