Monday, February 6, 2017

Thank the Resistance: Beth Fukumoto

I was totally serious when I mentioned I'd be sending thank you notes to people, Democrats or Republicans, who speak out in favor of civil rights, the Constitution, and general non-douchecanoe behavior.

Today's example is Beth Fukumoto, R-HI, which in addition to being a Republican in Hawaii, is also noteworthy for speaking at a women's march against Trump's rhetoric of sexism and racism, in violation of Hawaiian Republican Party policy prohibiting saying anything bad against President Trump.  For this infraction, her leadership position as Hawaii State House Minority Leader (in leadership of 6) was taken away from her.  In fact, with only six Republicans in the Hawaii House, she's now the only one without a leadership position.

Speaking out against hateful speech has had a political cost for her within the Republican Party.  Thank you notes can be sent to:
Beth Fukumoto
415 S. Beretania St., Room 333
Honolulu, HI 96813

And, if you'd like to email the five Republicans who voted her out, their contact information in on the Hawaii State House website.

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