Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thank the Resistance: Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

Taking some time to write thank you letters to Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski:

These Republican Senators broke with their party to vote against Betsy DeVos, and I'm sure that's not sitting well with the rest of their party.  Even though they brought up a great point (that I wish I had thought of), that school choice can only work when there exists a choice in schools.  If you live in a rural area, and already have a one to two hour bus ride to get to school, are you really going to drive 3 hours to go to another school?

Plus, disability services generally are more expensive than a voucher will cover, and there's a conflict of interest with her student loan collection agencies, and the complete lack of qualifications to hold this position... and, seriously, grizzly bears is why a school in a major city needs to have guns?

So, writing thank you notes for all of their offices, because, face it, they've probably been fielding angry phone calls, and will be in the future.  My sincere thanks for trying.

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