Friday, August 26, 2011

50 DTSBYD: #42 Catfish

Part of my 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die Challenge.

This may be a short review, mainly because I didn't really enjoy this movie. As for a documentary, it may or may not be true, or at least unfolded in the way portrayed in the movie. But, sadly, giving away too much will ruin the movie, which is why this will be short.

The movie is about one of the filmmakers meeting a family online, then becoming more involved with their lives, before starting to question if everything he knows about them is true. At this point, this stops being a good documentary. The filmmaker is too involved, and he becomes a world class butt hole. That's my problem with the movie. Near the end, the filmmakers get mean.

I used to see documentarians as journalists... there's an air of detachment that should be there, even if they do have a point. There's something about seeing a group of adult boys gleefully talking about bullying people they barely know that just doesn't sit right. Especially when the last portion of the movie is the strongest part of the movie. Oh well. #42 on the countdown means that even Current TV admits that there are a lot of better documentaries out there.

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