Saturday, August 6, 2011

You Don't Like Us, Either

On August 1, the Congressional Approval Rate in a CNN/ORC Poll was at 14%. That's low, even for Congress. In the abstract, public polls show that most Americans dislike Congess, but they love their individual Congressman. Your incumbent Representative is voted back to Washington year after year because he does a good job and brings money and projects back to the district. Now, when the guy down the street brings money and projects back to HIS district, that's just Washington waste, and someone needs to vote the guy out of office.

However, with a 14% approval rating, Congress needs to take note: not even your own constituents like you at this point. There was some talk that punting the debt ceiling to 2013 was to allow the 2012 Presidential race to play out without this as the main point of debate, but Congress should be collectively sighing... there's a good 14 months between this debate and the next time that the 86% of Americans who don't approve of their job performance to be swayed by pretty bridges, educational initiatives, and a giant defense contract for the factory down the street. Except... that the debt deal just cut any chance of these things being brought back home.

Screw you, constituents!

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