Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Trying to keep my resolutions for the year somewhat managable, but for now they are:

1) Lose 15 pounds.  This would be the 10 pounds I managed to add in my first semester of grad school plus the 5 that I've been saying I need to get rid of for two years now.  I figure this will involve eating healthier food and exercising more.  I hesitate to say exactly how this will happen (eating local, organic, running, P90X), mainly because of a cash flow issue (see earlier post on the fiscal cliff).

2) Survive 2 more semesters at an intensely competitive Ivy League school.  Strangely, competition does not come from my fellow grad students, but rather the competition between my professors' expectations and my own abilities. 

3) Read 50 books that were not assigned for class.  Sure, some of these were recommended in class, but I will not be tested on them.

Let's go 2013!

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