Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to the Big 11?

After watching Indiana lose in decisive fashion to Northwestern, I wonder if the athletics department has considered dropping the football program.  Or, see if there's a mercy rule for the rest of the season - just give up, and assign victories to the opposition, and start again next year.  It might not be the worst idea.

You may really want to consider dropping the football program if you were the Athletics director of Indiana. The facilities could be repurposed for soccer - which is one of the best programs in the country - and you would free up a lot of cash from not having 85 athletic scholars who are not producing on the field or in the classroom (really... Seniors majoring in General Studies?  This is really impossible at most schools).  Truthfully, the pain would not come from the loss of ticket sales, but rather the loss of selling parking spots for tailgaters when it comes to Indiana.  However, if there's no football team, there's no away games, so there is nothing preventing the department from just opening up the lots every Saturday from Labor Day to Thanksgiving for public drinking and still collecting money for every car that shows up.  And, bonus: no embarrassing loss to Ball State.

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