Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes Name Brands are Cheaper

One of the times I really throw myself into consumer culture is when it comes to shopping.  I love a good deal.  That's not totally true - what I don't like is spending more than I have to for a good.  When it comes to day-to-day purchases, I really just want to buy a quality product that I'm not allergic to, for the cheapest possible price.

This is when someone will tell me that buying generics are better than buying name brands as a way to accomplish this goal.  Not true, I counter.  While it is true that many generic items are actually produced by the name brand corporations for sale, they tend to lack in two major categories: coupons and rebates.

Sure, I could buy the grocery store or big box store brand for personal care products.  However, right now Procter & Gamble has a $10 rebate when you buy $50 worth of their products.  Shopping sales, I'm able to buy a new Venus razor and a packet of refills, body wash, deodorant, bar soap, conditioner, and make-up for $50.06 (yeah, I worked that one).  Now, combine those sale prices with the copious P&G coupons, and I'm down to $38.72.  Take off the $10 rebate, and we're at $28.72.  Add store gift cards with purchase, and it's $23.72.  And, where I'm kicking myself is that I could have gotten that down to $13.72 if I had made one of the purchases a week later to take advantage of a different gift card with purchase deal.  Shoot!

Oh... and I used a canvas bag each time, so that was really $23.67.

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