Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombie Preparedness and the Government Response

I'm sure somewhere, someone has wondered about the official government stance on zombie preparedness.  When the Undead rise and maraud the countryside in search of brains, there is no time to think - just act.

Fortunately, the CDC has you covered.  Unlike the Walking Dead, the Atlanta-based institution is prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and so can you.  Just download their graphic novella on The Zombie Pandemic, prepare your kit, and then sit tight knowing that you can survive in your bunker as long as you are not a teenage cheerleader or a token black man.

So, yeah, the CDC just spent some money on a zombie graphic novel.  But when the Swine Flu hit the US, did you visit the CDC website on Public Health Preparedness and Response?  Did you know that site existed?  You do now.

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