Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Should I Care What Hank Williams Jr Has To Say?

As my Bears prepare to take on the Lions tonight on Monday Night Football, they will be doing so without the introduction song, "Are You Ready For Some Football?"  I'm okay with this.  What I'm not okay with is that the Lions are favored.  This is just plain wrong.  Hank Williams Junior being yanked from the airwaves for saying that Obama was like Hitler?  That sounds about right to me. Especially since he also compared John Boehner to Netanyahu in the same analogy, and then said that Obama and Biden were the Three Stooges, which means he may be unable to count.

Let's put it this way, without the theme song to MNF, I'm not sure if Hank has done anything noteworthy in the past 20 years.  His last gold record was in 1995.  His last #1 Single was "Born to Boogie" in 1987.  I'd call him washed-up, but anyone who is no longer relevant musically managing to find a steady paycheck and being called a musician that long after producing anything worth listening to is kind of a feat.  But why even have him on a politics show?  THIS is what makes no sense!  It almost makes as much sense as having him sing a new theme song for Monday Night Football each week for 20 years.


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