Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Low-Cost Christmas Presents

Well, with Thanksgiving next Thursday, I'm being innundated with posts on my Facebook page for both leaked Black Friday Ads, how to shop BF more effectively, invocations to shop local on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and not to buy anything at all that weekend.

Personally, why are you waiting so long to get into the game?  The best sales run the first 2 weeks of November, with the Kohl's 2-Day sales (combined with a 20% or 30% off coupon) actually meeting or beating Black Friday prices, but without the lovely 75 minute wait to check out that still has you yelling at line-jumpers in Vernon Hills, Ill at 7 o'clock in the morning.  There's no Kohl's cash right now, but if you enjoy yelling at people in suburban Chicago, by all means, wait.

This year, I'm trying to limit my Christmas purchases to $20 per person.  Truthfully, I kind of wish I had thought of this earlier, as it is forcing me to be more creative and thoughtful. 

I spent $0.69 on my Dad, and he's going to love it.

How?  Well, at CVS, when you buy certain combinations of items that total $30, you get a $10 gift card to a variety of stores including Barnes & Noble.  Stock up on cold and flu medication, use coupons, and submit a Procter & Gamble rebate, and you are getting an excellent price on NyQuil & shampoo with a bonus gift.  Watching the weekly Lifestyle section in your Sunday paper should tell you which authors are in your area.  Find an author who will be speaking (either at a bookstore, library, museum, college, film festival, or opening of a new Starbucks), and have the book signed.  Plus, you get to meet someone famous!

And, probably better than that boxed item in the men's accessory section of Target.

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