Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prince William, Duke of Something That's Still In The Kingdom

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in William's engagement, primarily because of how normal they seem:  College sweethearts, dating for 7 years, living together, getting married at about the average age for a first marriage - old enough to know what you're doing.  Plus, they seem to really like each other.  It's adorable.

However, it seems as though some media outlets have gone batshit insane when it comes to Royal Wedding Coverage.  Case in point: Researching whether your suggestions would not cause a diplomatic rift with another country.  The Sydney Morning Herald produced an article on the potential titles for Kate which has been referenced in a number of other articles. 

It suggests a number of dukedoms that William may be granted:
Kendal - a lovely town in Cumbria near the Lake District.
Clarence - a previous Duke of Clarence was husband to *Queen* Jane Grey, which is awesome.
Cambridge -quaint university town in East Anglia
Sussex - County home to Brighton and many Jane Austen novels
Avondale - Hamlet outside of Glasgow on your way to Edinburgh
Strathearn - County on the other side of the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh
Teviotdale - yet another picturesque Scottish landscape with hills and a river and rocky greenery
Connaught - approximately one third of the Republic of Ireland.

If the Queen is seriously considering the Duke of Connaught title, why not the Duke of Burma?  Viceroy of India?  Lord Protector of Canada?  The Canada one at least recognizes the Crown as the Head of State, so that's probably a better fit than pretending that the Prince has any say in the internal affairs of a sovereign country who fought a pretty violent civil war against the English Monarchy.  Just sayin...

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